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i'm feeling all out of my element

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Sep. 27th, 2005 | 02:29 am

lsu lost. that sucks. only because frankie got to rub it in my face, since i did that to him when miss state lost the other day. but i know lsu is gonna kick state's ass when we play them so it's all good. fucking cow bells.

i only have 3 months left here...kinda hard to believe. i know i'll be excited about going home because i miss my crew. but i'm gonna miss the people i've met here too. and i've grown rather fond of my side of the room. i want to go back because i miss my friends and my mom and dad...but i love it here. i don't like working for disney but i love orlando and i want to stay here. but i can't...not yet. graduating from lsu is my best option right now. so i'll go back to baton rouge, back to being a full-time student, back to working two jobs, back to friday night poker which is one of my only escapes from life. the guys here suck at poker...i definitely kicked their asses without even trying. easy money. i can't wait to go back and play against the ego-driven cuban though. i got this shit.

my sister annoys the fucking crap outta me...she's so self-involved. she needs to get out of her "denver bubble" and remember that other people exist in this world. but then again, she's always been like this. that's why i never could get along with her. she needs to fucking grow up and realize that i'm not a little girl anymore...it's not for her to judge me or the things that i do. i can take care of myself.

fall out boy - hard rock cafe - orlando, fl - october 18, 2005
i will be there

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from: aznangel54
date: Sep. 28th, 2005 07:04 pm (UTC)

u probably kno ur way around town more than i do. lol.

we should meet up before u leave. my schedule is really busy nowadays, but if ur still here during the holidays, that would be the perfect time.

glad ur having fun! =)

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Re: hey...

from: dcdreamer70
date: Sep. 30th, 2005 04:34 am (UTC)

yep...i'll be here till january 3rd. if you have park passes, we should go one day when i'm off during christmas and see all the lights and stuff. i'm excited about being here during christmas. lol

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